Megan found that the normalization of alcohol use and abuse in our culture made choosing to quit drinking before she hit a proverbial rock bottom, seem like a radical decision -- a choice she chooses to celebrate and live in full color. 

She found that sobriety made her feel powerful, not powerless; preferring to focus on all of the gifts that being alcohol-free has given to her. Less anxiety, more clarity, vivid memories, more confidence, NO HANGOVERS, better sleep, improved complexion, being more present with her family and friends -- are just a few things that Megan continues to enjoy and cherish about living an alcohol-free lifestyle. 

It is Megan's dream to re-brand & normalize sobriety while empowering and inspiring others to live an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Sobriety for Megan is an adventure.  Despite popular opinion, alcohol - a mind altering, highly-addictive drug, is not needed for a single thing. There is nothing boring about living an honest, mindful, sober life - in fact it's a gift.  

In hopes it will inspire others to question their relationship with alcohol sooner, she honestly writes about her journey getting sober and staying sober in her pro-sobriety communities on Facebook and Instagram.  These platforms are home to her writings, daily inspiration and support, and are loved and followed by thousands.